Review of Digital Deepak’s Internship Program

This is an honest review of the Digital Deepak Internship program that I enrolled back in December 2019 in the very first batch itself.

How did I came to know about it?


Like everyone else even I could not keep myself away from the field of Digital Marketing as it was both the skill of the hour and the call of the future. I enrolled with a free course from Digital Deepak 2-3 months back as by that time Deepak Kanakraju is an established Digital Master and a reputed name in this field. Instantly I was overwhelmed by the sheer quality of the content. Later on I got an invitation link to attend one of his webinar. In this webinar I came to know about the internship program.


Why did I enroll for it?


Deepak pointed out very correctly that a person may have access to a number of paid courses but still end up learning nothing until some mentor comes and guides you through the course and gives hands on practical knowledge. I could very well relate this to myself. But trust me, it took me some 3 days of rigorous thought before I went forward with the payment and enrolled myself in.

Why 3 days?

Because the problem lied within me. I was highly skeptical in the beginning as I had almost zero knowledge & zero experience about digital marketing. I was highly doubtful that with such a background whether I would be able to complete the assignments within the stipulated time frame or not.

But as the saying goes learning something new always happens outside of your comfort zone. Until and unless you feel awkward about something you are not learning something new. Fortunately for me the payment link was still working.


How is the program designed?


The course is spread over 12 classes with 10 assignments. Once you complete & submit an assignment within a stipulated time you get paid. You don’t & you miss a payment.  As simple as that and you end up getting paid far more that what you have initially invested after submitting all 10 assignments.


On top of that you will get multiple income opportunities by Digital Deepak’s course reselling & referral programs. Additionally you will also get placement assistance from Deepak & his team. Last but not the least you will also get a Internship completion Certificate that will surely enrich your Resume even further.

My own personal experience…


For me it has been over 5 weeks now and the experience was phenomenal. Within the very first week itself I was able to successfully write a blog & post it on Medium. Within the second week itself I could successfully record and publish my first Youtube video. Within a couple of weeks down I could successfully build and host my own WordPress website. Realizing the essence of personal branding it felt great to have an online presence with my own website up and running within such a short time. Gradually it will help me build other digital assets based on this platform.


Verdict !


I seriously vouch for it and strongly recommend this course. This is for anyone who wants to learn and make a career in Digital Marketing. This will invariably be a great value addition to your skill set in this field of Digital Marketing. Yes it will drive you out of your comfort zone, make you work hard and do awkward things and make you spend sleepless nights to complete the assignments but believe me when I say- “…Its totally worth it.”

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